I can’t believe that it’d July already! The summer season has officially started and we’ve been having super hot temps here in Charleston, but the academic summer is halfway over. As of today, I have 49 days until I return to school. That isn’t long at all, especially when you have to buy textbooks and school supplies! Today I’m going to share my goals for July, focusing on the things I wish to accomplish prior to returning to school.

July goals

Before I go into my July goals, let’s take a look at my goals for June.


  1. Start plotting my Gothic novel/short story.
  2. Blog more.
  3. Start reading for my fall class. (overachieving nerd, check!).
  4. Work on my edits for Southern Charm.
  5. Work on my time management and organization skills.

I did attempt to plot out my Gothic idea and for now it will still be a simple paragraph with character names. I didn’t blog as much as I want to during June and I didn’t begin reading for fall classes yet, mainly because I haven’t been able to get my hands on many of the books yet. I’m still editing Southern Charm, and I’m still trying to get better about time management. Now, on to my July goals.

July Goals

  1. Begin work on new website for Modern Laine.
  2. Start my business website.
  3. Work on Southern Charm edits.
  4. Read for my fall classes.
  5. Start a newsletter.

What goals do you have for July?