It’s August. Saying that is unbelievable. Where has summer gone? I return to school in 22 days. 22 days, people! I’m excited about classes and seeing my friends, but also sad to lose the freedom of school. I’m thinking about going back to school, but also about my August goals and whether I can complete them in 22 days.

August Goals_modern laine

July was a busy month for me. I began working with a new client in June and in July we really got into the swing of things. She launched a new program and was expecting a baby (who was born on July 31st) so we had a lot to get done before her maternity leave. Along with client work I’ve been busy catching up with things at home and preparing to go back to school. I enjoy school and learning, but I also really enjoy organizing for school! Let’s take a look at my July goals!



  1. Begin work on new website for Modern Laine.
  2. Start my business website.
  3. Work on Southern Charm edits.
  4. Read for my fall classes.
  5. Start a newsletter.

Honestly, I think my goals are too big. I didn’t finish any of these and only started pieces of each goal, but nothing really major or close to completion. So, with this is mind I’m going to try to be more intentional with my goals for August.

August Goals

  1. Launch redesigned site for 1 year anniversary of Modern Laine.
  2. Complete home and about pages on business website.
  3. Create an Instagram content plan.
  4. Come up with a working editorial calendar for the blog.
  5. Edit at least chapters 1-10 of Southern Charm.

What do your August goals look like?