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College Student. English Major. Writer. Entrepreneur. Supervisor.

These are just a few of the words I use to describe myself. I am the kind of person who has a hard time defining myself because I like to do so many different things. That’s what you’ll find here on Modern Laine, many different posts about many different things.

From my keywords I’ve shared that I am a college student, specifically a senior at College of Charleston where I am studying English, Creative Writing,  Communication and Film Studies. I love being an English major, even if it means reading about 200 pages a week. Being an English major has taught me so many useful skills and increased my love for the written word. As well as being an English major, I have a concentration in Creative Writing which keeps me writing fiction and I get class credit for it. It’s a brilliant thing! Finally, I have a minor in Communication, which helps with my love for social media.

Besides being a student, I am also the birthday supervisor at a local business and I have my own business as a virtual and administrative assistant. It can be difficult to run my own business, manage my department at work and be a student, but I like the challenge and that keeps me going.


Modern Laine is a blog dedicated to the journey from college student to young professional, as well as the struggle of managing many different roles in life, and turning a side hustle into a business. By sharing my experiences and the knowledge I gain from those experiences, I hope to show other young women that’s it’s okay to try lots of different things and like all of them while on the path to finding a career and happiness.


  • I love mystery or action shows like CastleBones, The Blacklist, and Blindspot.
  • My favorite cartoons are Rugrats and Scooby Doo.
  • My favorite book is… a tie between Anne of Green Gables and Tom Sawyer.
  • I don’t drink soda, except for A&W Root Beer when I need a soda buzz.
  • I have three cats, Addie, KoKo, and Luna.
  • I love Sailor Moon. I love it so much that I’ve had cats named Artemus and Luna.
  • I adore black and white movies. My favorite classic actors are Myrna Loy, William Powell and Cary Grant.