Laine's Notes

October Goals

Woohoo! It’s October, which means we are closer to cool weather. Well, maybe. In the South we’ve been known to have sudden hot days in the middle of what should be Autumn or Winter. Today I’m going to share my October goals with y’all!

Blog Goals

Write at least 10 blog posts.

Figure out my style when it comes to graphics.

Create and actually stick to an editorial calendar.

Get organized.

College Goals

Keep up with my class work.

Study more for Geology

Begin working on my second short story (the first one is due Monday and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about.

Life Goals

Drink at least 20 oz. of water per day.

Work on writing to do lists or using a to do list app.

Clean out and organize Gmail.

Clean out and organize Dropbox.

Find ways to relieve stress.

Start packing for the cruise my mom and I are going on!