Organized Chaos: Color Coding My Day Planner

Color Coding_Day Planner_Modern Laine

Color coding is a major part of my organization scheme. My iCal calendars are color coded, my folders in OneNote, my psychical day planner and my school assignment tracker are all color coded. I’m so organized (I wish) that my physical day planner colors match my iCal colors. I feel at ease knowing that a […]

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Spring Clean Your Social Media

It’s spring time and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! One of the first places to start is your social media!¬†With spring comes the need to spring clean, but have you thought about cleaning out your social media? It’s just as easy as cleaning out that junk closet, storage unit, or kitchen cabinets. I’m […]

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Organized Chaos: Email Overload

Email Overload_Modern Laine

I’ve been suffering from a case of email overload. As of publishing this post I have 14 emails. About three weeks ago I had over 3,400 emails dating back to September 12, 2015. I’m not sure why, maybe the mix of being busy with work and school, but I stopped checking my emails regularly. I […]

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How To Take Notes That Will Help You Pass

Notes That Will Help You Pass_Modern Laine

Notes, notes, notes. Being a student means that you take a lot of notes, unless you’re one of those lucky photographic memory type people who seem to be able to remember everything. Or worse, you’re my younger brother who could get through his whole life without every opening a book to learn something, but like […]

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Organized Chaos: College Assignment Tracker

Every student needs this college assignment tracker! College assignments are such a headache! That’s why I made a college assignment tracker. This semester, though it feels late in the game as I will graduate this year, I decided to start the semester off right. To do this I created an assignment and readings spreadsheet to […]

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Using OneNote: An Introduction for College Students

Laura over at Ginger & Co. is my best blogging friend, but we disagree on one thing. Which is better, OneNote or Evernote? She has a whole series on her blog about Evernote and I have contributed a few posts about OneNote to her blog. I don’t think we will settle this little feud for […]

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