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Fall TV 2015: Recap

Can you believe it’s already November? These past few months have seemed to fly! I love fall because it means cooler weather, cute sweaters and my favorite shows on TV! I wrote a post on what I was looking forward to watching this fall, now I’m going to share what I think of these shows so far.

Castle, ABC

Laura, over at Ginger & Co, and I went crazy over the opening episodes. We have debated and theorized over the episodes! This season definitely will either make or break Castle.

NEW Scream Queens, FOX

My mom and I are addicted to this show. I’m a few episodes behind, but it’s a great show!

Mysteries of Laura, NBC

This season has been so good! It reminds me of the early seasons of Castle.

Nashville, ABC

I still haven’t caught up on Season 3 or started Season 4.

NEW Grandfathered, FOX

It’s saved in my favorites on Hulu, but I haven’t watch it yet.

Bones, FOX

Oh my gosh! Bones has been going strong this season. From Betty White as a guest star to the

October Goals

Woohoo! It’s October, which means we are closer to cool weather. Well, maybe. In the South we’ve been known to have sudden hot days in the middle of what should be Autumn or Winter. Today I’m going to share my October goals with y’all!

Blog Goals

Write at least 10 blog posts.

Figure out my style when it comes to graphics.

Create and actually stick to an editorial calendar.

Get organized.

College Goals

Keep up with my class work.

Study more for Geology

Begin working on my second short story (the first one is due Monday and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about.

Life Goals

Drink at least 20 oz. of water per day.

Work on writing to do lists or using a to do list app.

Clean out and organize Gmail.

Clean out and organize Dropbox.

Find ways to relieve stress.

Start packing for the cruise my mom and I are going on!

Meet Modern Laine!


My name is Laney and I am the woman behind Modern Laine. My daily life is full of schoolwork, crafting content, creating stories and endlessly sharing on social media.

Today is a special day for me. I have been blogging on and off since I was in high school. I once had a blog named Pandamonium (Yes, it was spelled wrong. Yes, I did that on purpose). I later created a blog called Laney Logic. I was lucky if I posted five posts during the year. I just couldn’t stay consistent with it, though I tried so hard and had tons of ideas!

I decided in January of this year I would launch my own blog. It’s taken me almost nine months, but today is the day! Modern Laine is now live! To celebrate the launch I have compiled a list of 16 random facts.

[ctt title=”Meet Modern Laine and learn 16 random facts about the founder, Laney.” tweet=”Meet Modern Laine and learn 16 random facts about the founder, Laney. via @ModernLaine”