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On Being An English Major

I’m an English major and I’m proud of this. However, I hate explaining to people what I’m going to do after I graduate or that they automatically assume I’m going to be a teacher (I love teachers, they are some of the most amazing people in the world, but I am just not teacher material). Today I’m going to share my thoughts on being an English major.


Being an English major is hard to explain. You may love literature and texts, but hate reading over 40 pages for each class. Or you enjoy discussing literary theory but hate writing about it. Do you like to study literary devices, but metaphors and symbols still trick you? Maybe you have a specialty, whether it is poetry versus fiction, or Romantics versus Renaissance, and dealing with anything that competes with that specialty or takes away from it is disliked. English majors can relate to one of these and probably many other things!

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Using OneNote: An Introduction for College Students

Laura over at Ginger & Co. is my best blogging friend, but we disagree on one thing. Which is better, OneNote or Evernote? She has a whole series on her blog about Evernote and I have contributed a few posts about OneNote to her blog. I don’t think we will settle this little feud for a long time, but that’s okay with us!

Today I am going to show you how I use OneNote as a busy college student. I became acquainted with OneNote last October but it wasn’t until the spring semester that I started using it for school.

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Here is a screenshot of my homework and assignment list for this week. With five classes and a lab I have a lot of work to

Back To School Tips From A College Senior

It’s that time of year which means that everyone has gone back to school or will be returning shortly. As a college senior I have built a plan I have found works for preparing to go back to school. It’s sad to think this is my final year, but that means I can share my best tips with all of you who still have a few years of college left!

Here grades K-12 have been in school two weeks and those in college are on their second week. Last Tuesday was my first day of school. It’s hard to believe that in January I will have my last first day of school. I’ve been in college since August 2011 when I enrolled at the local community college to take dual credit classes my senior year. Over the years I have become a college guru. Friends and coworkers often come to me with college related questions. Today I will share a few of my biggest tips with you.

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