It’s spring time and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! One of the first places to start is your social media! With spring comes the need to spring clean, but have you thought about cleaning out your social media? It’s just as easy as cleaning out that junk closet, storage unit, or kitchen cabinets. I’m gonna share a few tips on how to quickly spring clean your social media, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Are you ready to spring clean your social media?

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  • Did you notice the update on Facebook profiles where you can add a short intro? How would you describe yourself in 101 characters? Here’s mine: College student, entrepreneur, supervisor, blogger,  writer, and Netflix watcher.
  • Your Twitter bio is only 160 characters, which doesn’t feel like much, but when done right, it is more than enough to make a great impression. My goal is to update mine soon, but this is mine right now: Blogger  | Social Media Addict | Southern Belle | English Major/Communication Minor .
  • Instagram bios come in at 150 characters. It is very popular to use emojis in Instagram bios. I love to use lines and emojis to really show who I am, as you can see in my bio: Blogger ???? | CofC Cougar ???? | Technology Connoisseur ????| All photos © Laney O. | Personal Account @laneylogic


  • Facebook cover photos should be 851 x 315. Remember that your profile picture covers part of it, so I usually situated words and images to the right side.
  • Twitter headers 1500 x 500. Like Facebook the profile picture covers part of the header, so it’s best to adjust your pictures accordingly.
  • For all headers, branding is important. Even if you use a photo without your brand name, logo or colors, it should still feel like it feels into your brand image.
  • On Twitter it is acceptable and often expected to include your #Hashtag on your cover photo.
  • Keep the text to a minimum on cover photos because this is distracting and a quick turn off for potential clients or readers.


  • Facebook profile pictures should be 180×180.
  • Twitter profile pictures should be 400×400.
  • Instagram profile pictures should be 161×161.
  • Try to use the same or similar photos in your profile picture. You don’t want to confuse people when they see very different pictures on your different social media pages.
  • Use profile picture with a photo of yourself, not your business logo. Yes, the business matters, but you’re the person behind the business.

Are you ready to spring clean your social media?