On August 31st, 2015 we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Artemus. Artemus had been a part of our family since summer 2006. He was nine and half years old. It’s taken me awhile to write this, but today we are remembering Artemus.

Remembering Artemus_blog

We rescued Artemus on a hot summer’s day in June of 2006. He was about six weeks old when we adopted him. A man was walking through the flea market where my mom and I were running a booth for a her friend and he was trying to sell a kitten. A little while later he stopped back by out booth and told mom if he didn’t find a new owner for the kitten he would drown him.

Mom had resisted my begging the first time the man came to our booth, but the second time it was harder to resist. Especially because I freaked out at the idea that someone would hurt a tiny, little kitten. That’s how we came to a rescue a tiny little white kitten with a little black smudge on his forehead.

That little black smudge is why I named him Artemus. I always loved Sailor Moon and his smudge reminded me of Artemis, the white cat in Sailor Moon, who has a yellow crescent on his forehead. He was almost Snowball or Fluffy, but Artemus won out and it was the perfect name for a regal cat. For a long time we debated if he was a Turkish Angora or Maine Coon. Either way, he was a beautiful white cat. He didn’t care much for people, but everyone always thought he was a beautiful cat.

Artemus was a playful kitten and grew into an independent and often grumpy cat. When he was younger he loved to stick his hand in glasses and tip them over. He loved cat treats and we had to stop buying the bags of treats because he would find them and rip the bags. Once he even climbed up and took it from the table and ran down the hallway with the bag in his mouth. Artemus was a very smart cat. He loved to lay on blankets and pillows, and was such a bed hog! He would either lay in a perfect ball between your legs or he’d stretch out and take up an entire bed. He loved wrapping paper and boxes.

Artemus was a very special member of our family, and it’s been hard to lose him. I spent the weekend before and a week after we said goodbye crying anytime I thought about him. Even now it’s hard to write this without tearing up. I loved Artemus and he will always be my first fur baby.

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