It’s been a month since I launch Modern Laine. Where did the month go? Today I’m going to share my reflection on my first month of blogging.

Reflection_ First Month of Blogging-2


Before I launched my blog I had many great ideas, but putting them into action was more difficult than I expected. I decided in July I would launch on August 26th, which was about six weeks away at the time. As I got closer I felt like I was less prepared and more nervous. I was without my Macbook for a week and then the weekend before launching we went to visit my grandfather.

While visiting my grandfather I was freaking out because I couldn’t get the coding right for my about me picture and I didn’t have all my social media links setup. Thankfully, Laura helped me figure out the coding and she didn’t let me push my launch date. (THANKS LAURA!)

Launching was difficult, but keeping up with my blog has been harder! This first month has taught me a lot. Here’s a few of my biggest takeaways.

  1. Lists are my favorite type of posts. In case you haven’t noticed, I really like list posts. It’s easier for me to organize my thoughts into lists and points. I also love to read these type of posts.
  2. No matter how many topic ideas you have, it can still be hard to gather your thoughts. I had a list of enough posts to post three times a week for about eight weeks. Unfortunately, I have only managed to post at least once a week.
  3. How many followers and readers you have doesn’t matter. In my mind I hoped I would be an instant success (or at least have more than my mom and best friend reading my blog). This hasn’t happened, yet.
  4. Nothing will ever be 100% perfect. I have posted with errors and had to go back to fix them. You learn to become a better proofreader and a little more humble each time.
  5. I still love it. Blogging is hard, no doubt about it. Whether you write for yourself, your mom or a larger audience, it still takes a lot of perseverance and a little ingenuity.

I can’t wait to see where I am in six months or in a year. I hope to grow as a person as I work to grow my blog.