Now that’s it’s summer break it’s time to catch up on some TV shows and movies that have piled up in my queue on Netflix and my favorites on Hulu. I have a lot of shows and movies I want to get through this summer. To make it easier, I’ll just share the TV shows I hope to have finished by the end of summer. This is my now watching: summer break edition.

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I like to watch a variety of shows from a variety of genres. I mainly watch on Netflix because they have the largest selection of series, but there are a few shows I like to watch on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Here are some of the shows I’m looking forward to this summer.


ANGEL: Truth bomb. I began watching Angel in the summer of 2013 and I’ve had ten episodes left of the series for three years now. I’ve been dreading those last ten episodes.

ARMY WIVES: Right now I’m watching Army Wives and I’m about halfway through season six. There’s only seven seasons, so I’m sure I’ll finish it soon.

CHARMED: Another series where I’m stuck in the middle of a season near the end. In this case I’m in the middle of season six, and have a little less than forty episodes to go.

DAREDEVIL: I’m so excited about watching the second season of Daredevil. I zoomed through the first season and I’m excited to see where the second season goes.

HART OF DIXIE: I’m halfway through season two, and while I enjoyed the show I’ve found I have to be in a mood for the constant, soap opera like episodes.

MAD MEN: This show is very addictive, but there’s a lot going on in it. I’m in the middle of season two,

THE BLACKLIST: My heavy workload at school made it hard to keep up with season three, so I’ll have to wait for it to come to Netflix to catch up on the rest of season three.


RUGRATS: One of my favorite cartoons ever and I’m almost done with the whole series.

SCREAM QUEENS: Mom and I were addicted to this show, but I’m only watched half of the season.


VERONICA MARS: I’m currently working on Season Two of Veronica Mars and it is addictive! I love the grudge, witty vibe of the mid-2000s.

SUITS: I just saw that Suits is in season six! Whoa, time has flown by and I’m behind on this show as well. Like Hart of Dixie I really have to be in the mood for the overly dramatic episodes.