Today I’m sharing a new type of post here on Modern Laine! These Laine’s Likes posts will focus on things that I like and want to share with y’all! Here are five things I found this week that I liked!

Laine's Likes

ONE: Apple Debuts Video About Autism

Last Saturday, April 2nd, was World Autism Awareness Day. This day is one of four official health related days recognized by the United Nations. I cried when I watched the video the first time, and I do every time. I am the older sister of a brother with autism. It’s a difficult life, and while his level of autism is different from Dillan’s, it doesn’t make the struggle any less difficult.

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TWO: Apple Shares Second Video About Dillan

I was so excited when I went to find the video for Dillan Voice on Youtube to see that Apple had shared a second video focusing on Dillion.

THREE: iTunes has 69 cent songs!

iTunes_69 Cent Songs

This is my favorite thing! I love finding the 69 cent song lists on iTunes because it means i can get a lot of my favorite songs and some new ones at a great price! It’s like double the songs!

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FOUR: Entertainment Weekly Gives Us A First Look At Gilmore Girls 

The cover of EW this week has me even more excited for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls. The photos from the set are making me drool! I can’t contain my excitement and I’ve been sharing articles on Facebook.

Gilmore Girls_EW

FIVE: Melissa McCarthy is coming back to Gilmore Girls

As soon as I saw this come up in my feed on Facebook I literally shrieked and sent the article to my mom. Having Sookie back will make the revival absolutely perfect! Everyone felt like Stars Hollow wouldn’t be the same without Sookie, and now those fears will be gone! Considering how crazy and funny Melissa McCarthy is in her film carrier, I can’t wait to see how it goes with her back as Sookie!