What I’ve Learned From Long Distance Relationships

long distance_modern laine

I’ve had many experiences with long distance and I’ll admit it can be hard. But often these relationships become the strongest ones. My strongest long distance friendship is with Laura. I talked about my friendship with Laura last week on her blog, so this week I wanted to¬†share my other experiences with long distance friendships […]

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#BeBold2016: Word of the Year

Remembering Artemus

On August 31st, 2015 we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Artemus. Artemus had been a part of our family since summer 2006. He was nine and half years old. It’s taken me awhile to write this, but today we are remembering Artemus. We rescued Artemus on a hot summer’s day in June […]

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Remembering September 11th

Today, September 11th, marks one of the saddest days in American history. For those who were living that day we all experienced the same emotions: confusion, anger, hopelessness, disbelief, worry and fear. As a country everyone, old and young, felt these emotions and many more that day and for the days to follow. It’s been […]

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Meet Modern Laine!

HELLO WORLD! My name is Laney and I am the woman behind Modern Laine. My daily life is full of schoolwork, crafting content, creating stories and endlessly sharing on social media. Today is a special day for me. I have been blogging on and off since I was in high school. I once had a […]

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