Laine's Notes

Fall TV 2015: Recap

Can you believe it’s already November? These past few months have seemed to fly! I love fall because it means cooler weather, cute sweaters and my favorite shows on TV! I wrote a post on what I was looking forward to watching this fall, now I’m going to share what I think of these shows so far.

Castle, ABC

Laura, over at Ginger & Co, and I went crazy over the opening episodes. We have debated and theorized over the episodes! This season definitely will either make or break Castle.

NEW Scream Queens, FOX

My mom and I are addicted to this show. I’m a few episodes behind, but it’s a great show!

Mysteries of Laura, NBC

This season has been so good! It reminds me of the early seasons of Castle.

Nashville, ABC

I still haven’t caught up on Season 3 or started Season 4.

NEW Grandfathered, FOX

It’s saved in my favorites on Hulu, but I haven’t watch it yet.

Bones, FOX

Oh my gosh! Bones has been going strong this season. From Betty White as a guest star to the

October Goals

Woohoo! It’s October, which means we are closer to cool weather. Well, maybe. In the South we’ve been known to have sudden hot days in the middle of what should be Autumn or Winter. Today I’m going to share my October goals with y’all!

Blog Goals

Write at least 10 blog posts.

Figure out my style when it comes to graphics.

Create and actually stick to an editorial calendar.

Get organized.

College Goals

Keep up with my class work.

Study more for Geology

Begin working on my second short story (the first one is due Monday and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about.

Life Goals

Drink at least 20 oz. of water per day.

Work on writing to do lists or using a to do list app.

Clean out and organize Gmail.

Clean out and organize Dropbox.

Find ways to relieve stress.

Start packing for the cruise my mom and I are going on!

Remembering Artemus

On August 31st, 2015 we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Artemus. Artemus had been a part of our family since summer 2006. He was nine and half years old. It’s taken me awhile to write this, but today we are remembering Artemus.

We rescued Artemus on a hot summer’s day in June of 2006. He was about six weeks old when we adopted him. A man was walking through the flea market where my mom and I were running a booth for a her friend and he was trying to sell a kitten. A little while later he stopped back by out booth and told mom if he didn’t find a new owner for the kitten he would drown him.

Mom had resisted my begging the first time the man came to our booth, but the second time it was harder to resist. Especially because I freaked out at the idea that someone would hurt a tiny, little kitten. That’s how we came to a rescue a tiny

Reflection: First Month of Blogging

It’s been a month since I launch Modern Laine. Where did the month go? Today I’m going to share my reflection on my first month of blogging.


Before I launched my blog I had many great ideas, but putting them into action was more difficult than I expected. I decided in July I would launch on August 26th, which was about six weeks away at the time. As I got closer I felt like I was less prepared and more nervous. I was without my Macbook for a week and then the weekend before launching we went to visit my grandfather.

While visiting my grandfather I was freaking out because I couldn’t get the coding right for my about me picture and I didn’t have all my social media links setup. Thankfully, Laura helped me figure out the coding and she didn’t let me push my launch date. (THANKS LAURA!)

Launching was difficult, but keeping up with my blog has been harder! This first month has taught me a lot. Here’s a