Time to share my word of the year!

Today’s post is a part of the #BeBold2016 Linkup. This week’s topic is word or focus of the year. I spent a lot of time thinking about what my 2016 Word of the Year would be and after a friend posted in a Facebook group posing the question it finally came to me. I’m ready to share my word with you!


For 2016 my word of the year is Positivity!

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I’ll admit that I tend to be more of a glass half empty type of person. I border between realistic and outright cynical, but I have been making attempts to adjust my outlook and try to be more optimistic or at least positive instead of negative. It’s difficult to be positive when it seems like everywhere you turn something is falling down and just plain unfixable. However, I chose positivity as my word because I think that being more positive is the way to living a life that feels better. You can never truly alleviate all stress from your life, but you can make it easier to cope with.

My mom loves Gone With The Wind and one of her favorite quotes is from Scarlett O’Hara, the heroine of the novel and film,“After all… tomorrow is another day!” She loves to say this whenever things are at the most difficult imaginable. Sometimes when things seem difficult it’s hard to take a step back and remember that there will be a tomorrow, you just have to get to it. Sometimes the hardest part of life is just getting day to day, but I feel that you are a strong person if you do make it from day to day.

When I think of positivity I think of other words like hopeful, optimistic, faith, belief, strength and happiness. For me, 2016 is about having positivity in my life, even if that only means I’m positive I will make it to tomorrow. At the end of the year I am hoping to see an increase in my happiness and a decrease in my stress level, all from the idea of positive thinking.

What is your word or focus for 2016? 

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